Hot Potato? A quick lunch at SpudBAR, Belconnen

  • Cheap and Cheerful
  • All gluten free
  • A bit soggy!

After a big weekend spent in the garden moving soil and building veggie patches, we decided to go for a cheap and cheerful lunch at Belconnen mall. I’d been wanting to try out SpudBAR for a while and was looking forward to something healthy and filling. We arrived at Belco Mall around 1pm on Sunday, and it was really busy, especially at the food court. 

SpudBAR in Belconnen Mall

There was only one customer at SpudBAR and one staff member. I’ve noticed this before too, although a lot of people stop to look at the menu, there were not usually many people buying baked potatoes. I had been looking over the menu while I waited for the staff member to make the order of the customer in front of me and I opted for the pulled pork potato. The staff member was a bit slow putting it all together but he was friendly and confirmed that the whole place was gluten free. I was also happy to see some yummy looking gluten free brownies although I skipped these this time! The pulled pork cost $15.50 and was a baked potato topped with pulled pork in BBQ sauce with corn, peas, spinach, red cabbage, sour cream and spring onions. I took my potato to an empty table with the girls and Michael (who had opted for a very healthy, gluten-filled Maccas) and tucked in! 

I was a bit disappointed overall in my spud. The potato itself was hot and yummy but the pulled pork was lukewarm and the BBQ sauce flavour was nothing special. The peas and corn were cold, icy even, which was ok for the corn but I found it a bit disconcerting for the peas. The main issue with this though was that they were wet, and the excess water pooled in the bottom of the bowl. The red cabbage was fresh and crunchy though and the sour cream was yummy! I find sour cream improves everything! If the pulled pork had been hot, the other issues wouldn’t have been such a problem but combined, it was all a bit disappointing.

The Pulled Pork Spud

I’ll try SpudBAR again but I’ll go for something different next time. I like a baked potato – they feel like home to me – and I really want SpudBAR to do well but, as I said earlier, they never seem particularly busy and my experience was pretty meh!
Shop 195, Westfield Belconnen, 18 Benjamin Way, Belconnen ACT 2617

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