C is for Choc Chip Cookie Comparisons

Today I will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant in which case me will eat cookie! Cookie Monster

Sometimes the wisest words come from shaggy blue monsters with googly eyes! I’ve been watching a lot of children’s TV at the moment and took inspiration from Cookie Monster for my next review – the gluten free chocolate chip cookie.

Everyone likes a nice biscuit now and again, and fortunately being coeliac doesn’t mean this small pleasure isn’t an option. I went to three supermarkets in Canberra – Aldi, Coles and Woolworths – to compare their own-brand cookies so that you don’t have to!

Aldi’s gluten free range is called ‘Has no…’ They have a chocolate chip biscuit, and a triple chocolate chip biscuit. I’ve eaten both of the Aldi biscuits before, although I’m only reviewing the chocolate chip biscuit because the other supermarkets did not offer a triple chocolate chip biscuit for comparison.

The Aldi biscuit costs $2.79 for a packet of nine. They are labelled as gluten and peanut free, and are suitable for vegetarians. The packaging is interesting and eye catching. The biscuits are labelled as vanilla flavoured and you can definitely taste the vanilla, as well as a little bit of coconut. They are a good colour and they have a decent amount of chocolate chips in them, however they are a bit too sweet.  The texture was ok and while the cookie wasn’t particularly dry, it was quite crumbly. When it was dunked in my tea it held up really well, becoming chewier.

Coles have a large range of own-brand gluten free cookies including lemon and white chocolate biscuits, orange and poppy seed biscuits, and Anzac biscuits. The gluten free chocolate chip cookies are the cheapest at $2.70 for a packet of nine. These are labelled as gluten and peanut free. The packaging is a bit flat and the least attention-grabbing despite being a bright yellow. Looking at it didn’t make me think ‘ooh, a yummy biscuit’. These cookies were quite pale and didn’t contain enough choc chips, but they weren’t as sweet as the Aldi cookies. I found them a bit dry and crumbly to eat, and I only needed one dunk in my tea for the biscuit to become very soggy.

The Woolworths free from gluten choc chip biscuit has nice packaging, the cookies on it look appealing and the pink is attention grabbing. They cost $3.99 for nine biscuits, making them the most expensive option but they’re worth it.

These biscuits are labelled as buttery and they are! They taste a lot like shortbread and they’re nice and rich – definitely the best looking for your guests. They are not as sweet as the biscuits from Aldi and Coles, which is good, and they have a good amount of choc chips. They’re labelled as crumbly on the packet which I don’t find particularly appealing but I’m happy to say this isn’t the case – I mean who wants a crumbly biscuit?! These biscuits didn’t crumble apart as I ate them and they maintained structural integrity really well when they were dunked in tea!

Overall the Woolies biscuits were my favourites. The buttery taste and good texture made them a winner.

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