Cold and Hungry – Can I eat at Perisher?

  • Take lunch and snacks!

Coeliacs – Beware! There are not many options for the hungry coeliac at Perisher. If you can’t deal with getting hangry, bring lunch! However, on my quest to improve the lives of all coeliacs no matter where their adventures take them, I risked two days at Perisher hunting for treats in between falling over my skis in the snow.

For morning tea, we stopped at Brunelli’s Cafe, for coffee and a biscuit. I ordered a gluten free hot choc and an amaretto biscotti. The hot chocolate was their Tree Hugging Organic hot chocolate and it was horrible. Chemically and powdery. I’m pretty sure it was machine hot choc too and not the barista made standard that a discerning Canberran expects! The biscotti was super yummy though!

Usually I find any Italian style biscuit dry and dusty – as if all that Italian passion had been sucked out – however this time the biscotti was crispy on the outside and lovely and chewy on the inside. It had a strong marzipan flavour which I wouldn’t usually go for (maybe my taste buds are changing with my old age) but I really liked it. If I could have faced the massive morning tea queue, I might’ve ordered a second!

As far as finding lunch goes, I didn’t have much success. We attempted to go to Aldo’s on our second day but the queue was crazy. I did have a brief chat with a staff member though who said they had served coeliacs before and were aware of the requirements but that the kitchen was not gluten free and there was some risk of contamination. To be honest, I didn’t feel completely safe eating there with the suspicion that they might get a bit sloppy when the kitchen gets busy. In the end I dined on a well-balanced meal of Kettle Chips and a Twirl from the supermarket. 


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