Goodbye 2020!

What a long and crappy year we’ve had! 

Here in the Capital we’ve been extremely lucky despite the year starting with bushfire smog, and damaging hail storms before being overwhelmed by the other “other” C word!

Like everyone else, my plans for 2020 were cast-off like a used face mask and my good intentions to write more, lose a few kilos, and be heathier withered away. Shutdowns and isolating meant I failed to achieve any of my goals – I didn’t write any reviews, my gym closed down and I lacked motivation to exercise regularly, and my health has been a shit show! 

I was sick so frequently this year that I had to get 5 Covid test (all negative), had a 3 night hospital stay, and despite the removal of my tonsils 18 years ago, I managed to grow back a tonsil and get tonsillitis! I didn’t even know that could happen! 

So will 2021 be different? 

Who knows! Like 2020, I have good intentions that I’m hoping to turn into positive action but I’m also better prepared – I have a ton of hand sanitiser and face masks!

Keep your eyes peeled for an actual, real-life restaurant post in January 2021! 

Happy New Year!

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