It’s a Knox out! The Knox Made in Watson

  • Vibrant, lively environment
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Plenty of gluten free options on the menu

On Wednesday morning, after dropping Milly off at childcare, Michael and I decided to head to Watson for breakfast with the newest addition to the family – Baby Bel. We got to Watson around 9.45am, parked up at the shops and headed to The Knox Made in Watson.

It’s been a long time since I last went to the Knox, well over twelve months, and I was a little concerned to see they had extended the café and added a bakery – a place where gluten nightmares are usually made reality! I didn’t need to worry though as they’re still really good catering to coeliac requirements.

The Knox has a covered outdoor area, protected from the wind and warmed with a few standalone heaters dotted around, though these weren’t on when we arrived. It’s not much to look at but its functional and it’d be pleasant enough in summer.

Outdoor seating

As we had the baby with us, we decided to eat indoors. The interior of the Knox is long, with a long bar and service next to the door at one end, and the semi-open kitchen at the other. The décor is casual and relaxed – it reminded me a little of the places I’d go out drinking as a student, but more expensive than the I could afford back then and much cleaner!

There are posters dotted around, living walls and potted plants, and despite all the dark wood and concrete floor, it’s surprisingly light. I ventured to have a peak at the dreaded bakery which was basically a square room with a short counter at the back. It was a lot lighter than the main café with a lovely feature wall of flowers.

At 10am on a Wednesday morning I expected the Knox to be fairly empty but I was surprised to see the place was packed. It was extremely loud with the busy sound of coffee making, people happily chatting and trendy music. After three weeks at home with a newborn, it was really nice to be somewhere lively!


Luckily, a table in a little nook tucked next to the door was being vacated as we entered and I grabbed the table while Michael picked up a couple of menus from the front counter. The Knox has a good range of gluten free options available for breakfast and lunch. It took me a while to choose what to eat but eventually I decided that nothing says 3 weeks post partum like eating poached eggs and smoked salmon, so I opted for the Knox Benedict with a skim decaf flat white. Michael decided on The Avo with extra bacon with a skim flat white.

I headed up to the counter to order. Despite how busy it was, there was only one person ahead of me in the queue, and the woman behind the counter was friendly and helpful. I went through my usual coeliac spiel and was told that the kitchen would be notified and that they were pretty good with managing coeliac requirements. The two drinks and meals totalled $54.

Avo with bacon

Our coffee came out promptly. Michael was happy with his and while mine wasn’t terrible, it had a slightly chemically taste and the mug was chipped. We waited maybe 15 minutes for our food to come out and this more than made up for the coffee.

The Avo was smashed avocado on rye sourdough (although this could be done gluten free) with poached eggs. The plate was dotted with pink blobs of beetroot labneh, nuts and feta as well as grilled asparagus and extra bacon. It looked great and was really good overall.

Michael said the eggs were nicely poached and the asparagus was well cooked, and not overpowering. The bacon was extra crispy – so crispy that when he bit into it, the crunch startled the baby! It was a bit too salty when combined with the other salty elements (like the feta), which somewhat overpowered other flavours. He’d order the Avo again but probably without the bacon.

Knox Benedict

My Knox Benedict was exactly what I wanted. I love hollandaise sauce and am constantly on the search for a nice eggs benny! The hollandaise was buttery and creamy. It was a little salty and although it had an acidic twang, a little more lemon would’ve been good. There was also heaps of it! The eggs were nicely poached and they had drained them and the spinach off so that the bread stayed crunchy and didn’t go soggy. The salmon was nice and fresh. The portion size was just right too, as it would have been too rich if it was any bigger.

We had a nice breakfast at the Knox. The environment was comfortable and the food was good. I felt confident that they could meet my dietary requirements and will definitely be going back!

Shop 1, 13 Watson Place, Watson ACT 2602
02 6255 4615

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